At international convention in Sežana that was hosted by the Slovenian project partner Geological Survey of Slovenia, partners firstly presented results of their projects Archeo.S, AdriaCold, MedhPath, ArTVision and RoofOfRock, which are merged in the capitalization project AdriaWealth. The round table titled Sustainable tourism: opportunity for heritage protection followed. Jana Apih, director of the Association for Sustainable Tourism GoodPlace moderated the round table and participants were representatives of University of Primorska, Croatian Geological Survey, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Evaluation Society and the Municipality of Cursi from Italy. They highlighted the most important factors of sustainable tourism which are: engagement of tourists, authentic local products, approximation of natural and cultural heritage, geotourism. They concluded that to implement sustainable tourism storytelling is important. The afternoon program presented the White paper, which represents the guidelines for legislative changes for the sustainable use of platy limestone in the Adriatic-Ionian region.

At the evening event the dance performance Moving stones took place. This performance is a coproduction of EnKnapGroup (SI), Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and  Res Extensa (IT) in cooperation with Geological Survey of Slovenia. The dance moves in performance were inspired by karst natural stone, platy limestone.

The second day of the convention started with lecture on nanotourism by Slovenian architect Aljoša Dekleva and continued with conclusions of the convention by Miloš Bavec and Lino Manosperta. As they said the key message of the convention was collaboration and engagement. Only by that protection of natural and cultural heritage in the region is possible. Program was concluded with educational tour around Karst area organized for tourist guides.


See the convention agenda: event-sezana-agenda