‘The role of theater in the development of the region’ was the topic of the roundtable organized by the Development Agency of the West Herzegowina – HERAG, held in Tuesday, 15 November 2016, in Mostar.The round table was attended by representatives of the theaters from Mostar and Italy, representatives of the University of Mostar and Italy, representatives of development agencies, the City of Mostar, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and others.

Representatives of educational and cultural institutions have signed the Agreement in cooperation which undertake, in cooperation with the Development Agency HERAG and under the roof AdriaWealth ring, to be open and ready for future projects financed by the IPA Adriatic program.

”The aim of today’s round table is to encourage new partnerships between cultural and educational institutions in our region, which is the key to success both in the preparation, as well as in the implementation of the each project ” said Ivan Jelčić, Director of Development Agency HERAG at a press conference that was held on the occasion of the round table.

Jelčić pointed out that this cooperation resulting from the project AdriaWealth, funded through the IPA Adriatic program, and that is sure to be partnerships that are educational and cultural institutions today signed, obtain cooperation which will continue to apply to a greater number of projects and additional funds from the EU funds.

Media representatives were addressed by Lino Manosperta, Head Theatre Pubblico Pugliese and one of the leaders of the project AdriaWealth, who pointed out that this is the first project that was approved by the IPA Adriatic funds and by the new EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian region.

”Our collaboration has contributed to a new EU strategy to better adopt and to find foundations and take steps towards future cooperation, closely associated with projects in the fields of culture and education. I can proudly say that we have done projects that should be implemented only in the future and therefore we get from the European Union of around one million euros, and our demand goes further”, said Manosperta.

One of the participants of today’s roundtable is the Croatian National Theatre in Mostar, which, as pointed out by the director Ivan Vukoja, has not much experience in such big international projects but are certainly open, and will do anything to be part of this story.

”This kind of cooperation and consider the continuation of what we’ve been doing, because we have been very active in the exchange of theatrical content in common projects with other theaters in BiH and the immediate neighborhood. I believe that we are thus qualified and trained to be a participant in a larger, more significant and more demanding international project. We are ready to learn, acquire new knowledge and skills and be an active participant in this project, ” said Vukoja.

That cultures and economies have much in common, recognized Zdenko Klepić, who in front of the Faculty of Economics, University of Mostar, was one of the signatories of the agreement on future cooperation.

”Culture is like the economy one of the pillars of development of every society and every country, and we recognize that culture serves us to have a business environment and a friendly atmosphere, how to attract businesses and for the remaining life of businessmen here, ” said Klepić and added that he was confident that today’s agreement will contribute to this region, and make life in these areas, which are full of potential, a better and more open.

After the round table, participants had the opportunity to participate in the presentation and performance that is displayed in the premises of the Croatian National Theatre in Mostar.