Kino Kabaret – an event for professionals and amateurs who want to try the unique model of producing short films – was held for the first time in Croatia. Under the title Kino Kabaret Adriatic, the event was organized in Split from 18th to 21st of September 2016 as part of IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation Program – AdriaWealth project.

Program of first Kino Kabaret Adriatic lasted for 60 hours and provided participants from Croatia and foreign countries the opportunity to create artistic film frames in Split, Klis, Trilj, Vrlika and other places in Split hinterland, under the slogan “Secret places, hidden spaces”.

„Our mission is to gather artists who believe that significance of film as an art form isn’t necessarily related with the size of production and budget. Kino Kabaret presents a time and place which connects and enables them to create beautiful film artwork under the official slogan of Kino movement: ‘Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it now!’“, – stated film director Vladimir Kanić and producer Valentina Orešić, heads of Kino Kabaret Adriatic.

The event was also an introduction to the International Film Convention, held within AdriaWealth project and organized by Public Institution RERA S.D. for Coordination and Development of Split Dalmatia County. The convention emphasized the importance of promoting tourist destinations in Dalmatia and attracting foreign investors by using creative industries, such as film, as the biggest in the segment.

Films made during Kino Kabaret Adriatic will be also screened on the convention of AdriaWealth project in Trieste and on the final event of the project which will be held in L’Aquila in November 2016.ž

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