‘AdriaWealth – Promotion IPA Adriatic projects’ is a title of a workshop that was held on 6 and 7 July 2016 in Mostar and which has promoted the results achieved by the five already completed, the IPA Adriatic projects: Archeo.S, AdriaCold, MedPath, RoofofRock, and ARTVISION.

The organizer of the two-day workshop is a Development Agency HERAG and partner countries involved in the ‘AdriaWealth’ ring are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Albania.

”The aim of the workshop is to promote, disseminate and exchange ideas that will, through these projects, contribute to the diversity and sustainability of tourist offer of the Adriatic-Ionian area. The workshop is for project partners, tourist workers and those interested in finding new ways to meet the potential and wealth of the region, as well as the effects of joint initiatives ”, said Ivan Jelčić, Director of Development Agency HERAG, at a press conference held in Mostar.

Jelčić said that AdriaWealth is a good start and an opportunity to promote the tourism resources of our country, which is in cooperation with Slovenia, implemented the ‘RoofofRock’ project.

AdriaWealth means richness of our region, and activity that lasted six months, according to the head of this project Lina Manosperte, is another incentive for statesmen, businessmen and workers in the tourism sector, to work on the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage.

”This project is very simple, and the main goal is to make five conventions in five different countries in order to have a network that would encourage new activities when it comes to implementation of IPA projects, ” said Lino Manosperta and added that the resources for the realization of future activities will be provided by the European community.

Project ArtVision manager, Piacentino Ciccarese, said that this is the beginning of a great collaboration between the partners of this macro region and for all countries involved in AdriaWealth bring new opportunities and possibilities.

Great questions and problems of the region can be solved together, said Marcello Guaiana, project manager of Adriacold which was developed to fill the existing gap of knowledge about solar cooling.

”Indeed, we can cool our rooms using solar energy and thus to save electricity and money, especially during the hot season in the sunny Adriatic regions. It is now ready to use AREA results Adriacold project through individual actions that target the tourism sector, ” said Guaiana and point out that together we must fight for greater energy independence from fuel consumption and reduce pollution at reasonable investment costs.

Practical and sustainable use of resources base, as well as the overall development of the Mediterranean is the goal of the project Medpaths, who presented and brighten the image of luxury Mediterranean hinterland.

”We have made some thirty thematic paths for different purposes – cycling, hiking, equestrian, adventure, hiking trails … The environment we investigated, described and presented cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage ”, said Srecko Radnić, Assistant Director of Regional development agency RERA from Croatia.

Two-day workshop held in Mostar start the development AdriaWealtha project to conventions in the five countries to encourage the promotion and development of tourism.