Fier Municipality (Fier, Albania)

Who we are

Fier is one of the largest urban centers in Albania, it is located in a favorable geographical position, with a rich historical heritage, including old civilization remains such as: Apollonia, Bylis and Ardenica. Fier is located only 18 km away from the Adriatic Sea and it has 27 km of unspoilt coast line.

The city is known for its vital and hard-working people who, despite diversified origins and religions, peaceful coexist. Traditions, customs, celebrations, ceremonies, folk dresses, songs and dances create a great offer for cultural tourism. The total Fier Municipality population counts about 200,000 inhabitants. The Municipality of Fier is one of the biggest and most important Local Government Institutions (out of 61 Municipalities).

Fier Municipality has been taking part in several international cooperation projects; it has high ability to absorb funds from EU and other donors, and enjoys a large bargaining power vis-à-vis the central government, as well as a greate scope for inter-municipal cooperation. During all these years, the Municipality of Fier has provided high quality and timely services to citizens and has a continuously promoting and encouraging sustainable local economic development.


The Mission of Fier Municipality is to serve the local community, to protect the sustainable economic development and to improve the quality of life as well as to support and improve local services in different fields such as economy, tourism, environment, transport, urban development, education, culture, social affairs, health, civil society organizations, etc. It is very interested in creating partnership to promote the heritage culture. Its Arts and Culture Directorate is responsible for the following cultural institutions within jurisdiction of the Municipality: the “Bylis” Theatre, the Puppet Theatre, the House of Culture, the Historical Museum, the Gallery of Arts, and the City Library. Some other main departments are: the Department of City Planning, Department of Drafting projects for Local and Foreign Investments, Green spaces and City Maintenance, Construction Inspectorate, Health protection and Veterinary Inspectorate, One Stop shop, Department of Finance and Economy, and Department of Social Services, Arts and Culture Departments.

The Municipality of Fier partecipated as Beneficiary in the project Archeo.S. – System of the Archaeological Sites of the Adriatic Sea, financed by the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. The Municipality has also signed a twinning agreement with the City of Cleveland, USA, and within this context there have been several exchanges in the field of the arts and culture. Among others, the Municipality of Fier hosts the following International Festivals

a- The International Performing Festival “Apollon”

b- Apollonia International Festival

c- The International Summer Music Festival “In the Sounds of Places”

These events are organized within the framework of Interreg projects, SEE cooperation projects and the initiatives of the Albanian Government for the involvement of the cultural sector, within the European Integration processes.

How will the partner contribute to the success of AdriaWealth?

AdriaWealth is a capitalization project building on the results achieved by 5 already financed IPA Adriatic Programme projects: Archeo.S, Adriacold, MedPath , RoofofRock, ArTVision. Archeo.S has developed a Cultural Heritage Governance Plan and an important expertise in the valorisation of cultural assets via theatre, dance and music workshops and performances; AdriaWealth intends to create a cluster among project partners in order to further develop and capitalize the results in view to address EUSAIR objectives in the field of Sustainable Tourism and facilitate the implementation of the Pillar 4.1 of the EUSAIR Actions.

The Municipality of Fier will cooperate in the project with the partnership in the organisation of all the activities foreseen, such as: creating a “Network” as supporter of best practices for a better valorisation and promotion of the partner area, contributing to enlarge this Network within other Countries; guaranteeing cultural training classes to Albanian artists who will attend the workshops; ensuring in its area a proper dissemination of the results of the project; giving visibility to its involvement during the final Festival of Ancona. Municipality of Fier will also provide information for the Web portal and the Bank of Results, dedicated Web tools will be developed to sustain the process of dissemination of previous achieved IPA Adriatic project results and cross innovation actions. In particular the “Bank of Results” will be an important reservoir of results upon which to capitalize and the dedicated Web portal will support the fruition of the tourist richness of the area, improving its accessibility.


Agron Xoxa

Project Manager
tel. +355 682274139

Florjan Mucaj

Financial Manager
tel. +355 695883058

Irma Hoxhaj

Communication Coordinator
tel. +355 694737087

Fier Municipality

Lagjja “Kastriot”, Rruga “Ramiz Aranitasi”
Nr.15, Fier, Albania

The ARCHEO.S. project

The Municipality of Fier has been a partner in the “Archeo.S. – System of the Archaeological Sites of the Adriatic Sea” project, funded under the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme, Priority 2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention, Measure 2.2 – Natural and cultural resource management and prevention of natural and technological risks.

The Project was the result of a synergy created by six bodies located on the Adriatic Sea.

Archeo.S. aimed at overcoming cultural heritage promotion problems, and at  improving cultural policies, as well as territory management and development.


The project was intended to make theatrical culture a tool for territorial development. Through the organization of shows, cultural events, workshops inside archaeological and cultural heritage sites, and through the exchange of knowledge created by the partners network, the project became a tool to enhance local economy, turning this latter into a cultural asset.

The mission of the project, with regard to the upgrading of the cultural sites, was to create a link between the institution in charge of the site and public service providers by putting in place actions aiming at the preservation and arrangement of the sites in question and at their better use, while respecting their history and favoring a sustainable development.

The project specific objectives:

  • testing an innovative method to enhance cultural heritage sites as attractive tourist destinations in order to strengthen sustainable development;
  • organization of a cooperative “system” across the involved cultural heritage sites to put in place and implement a long-term strategy by subscribing a Memorandum of Understanding;
  • increasing the number and the quality of long-lasting opportunities of cooperation in the field of live arts in the Adriatic area.

Among its main results:

  • creation of a Network of Cultural Heritage Sites;
  • working out of a Governance Plan for Cultural Heritage Sites;
  • organization of art workshops, vocational training courses, master classes;
  • realization of  theatre productions;
  • realization of  artistic seasons;
  • International Festival.

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