P.I. Development agency of West Herzegovina County-HERAG

Who we are

HERAG is a development agency owned and established by the regional authority-respective County government in accordance with strategic commitment and its main role is providing technical assistance to the County departments in steering regional development.

The main task is in general strategic development planning activities, also to provide support to the county, local governments, small and medium enterprises, as well as other institutions and organizations for the purpose of social economic development in the region.

Development agency HERAG is the leading institution in West Herzegovina County attracting foreign investment, encouraging research, developing business cooperation and new technologies in small and medium manufacturing, agriculture and tourism sectors.

Development Agency of West Herzegovina County (HERAG) is a no-profit  public institution with its headquarters in Posusje. Established by the Government of WHC in accordance with its strategic commitment, to conduct ongoing business management and coordination of development resources, the creation of preconditions for entrepreneurial development environment and to encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the establishment of credit-guarantee fund to encourage and develop entrepreneurship, with the aim of a steady increase of employment in West Herzegovina County.


HERAG’S mission is to contribute to the economic development of West Herzegovina County  by strengthening the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, as the basic carrier of the total development of each economy, also to be at the service of new technologies and ideas through the support of businesses, NGOs and government who work together to reduce poorness, economic sustainability and stability of West Herzegovina County.

The basic goal of the agency is preparation and implementation of strategic development plan for the County, promotion and coordination of existing development activities in accordance with the vision of the Development Agency, moreover to provide support to the county, local governments, small and medium enterprise, as well as other institutions and organizations for the purpose of social economic development in the region.

HERAG’s vision is to become the leading institution in West Herzegovina County attracting foreign investment, encourage research, development of business cooperation and new technologies in small and medium manufacturing sector, agriculture and tourism.

How will the partner contribute to the success of AdriaWealth?

HERAG will be actively involved in all phases of project implementation through the assumption of liabilities from the work packages of the project and is going to provide competent project team who is going to be responsible for the implementation of the project activities in cooperation with specified external experts and partners.

Benefits for HERAG will be: new partnerships established between partners’ organisations, international cooperation enhanced, new experience gained by implementing project activities.


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P.I. Development agency of West Herzegovina County-HERAG

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The RoofOfRock project

Implementation of the project “Roof of Rock – Limestone as the common denominator of natural and cultural heritage along the karstified part of the Adriatic coast started in October 2012 and ended in September 2015. The project was implemented under 2nd call for ordinary projects of Adriatic IPA CBC Programme 2007 – 2013, joining 10 partners from 4 countries.

The entire Adriatic Region shares at least 200 million years of common geological history. The limestone created on this platform was used as a primary building material throughout the whole project area and takes one of the most important roles in creating common human history.

The specific platy limestone as the basic construction material gives the Adriatic coastline and its interior the primary character. The problem of today is that stakeholders in spatial planning, urbanization and cultural and natural conservation lack firm guidelines for sustainable use of natural stone as building material, then for conservation of the stone as natural heritage and finally for conservation of sites and materials as cultural heritage.

The RoofOfRock project therefore gathered the most relevant stakeholders around one idea with the intention to establish joint platform for platy limestone sustainable use, preservation and promotion, create the relevant guidelines and to upgrade both individual and joint capacities in preserving such common natural and cultural heritage.

The overall objective of the RoofOfRock project is to demonstrate and to promote proper selection and sustainable use of building stone along the karstified part of the Adriatic coast through a joint approach and joint methodology.

It is already determined that adequate promotion and preservation strategies for the natural and cultural heritage in the Adriatic Region present an important strategic resource for developing sustainable tourism. We see preservation and sustainable management of natural and cultural heritage as a task that typically requires joint development and joint implementation.

On the other hand, it is very important to ensure the promotion of the platy limestone according to its significance for the entire architecture in the Adriatic Region. The general objective of this project is to provide both but also to establish the professional grounds for implementing common legislation in conservation of natural and cultural heritage at the local, national and international level.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • To analyze the use of building stone in Adriatic karst through time and to identify examples of best and bad practice.
  • To characterize general natural characteristics of limestone used as building material – dimension stone and to characterize precisely the natural characteristics and extent of natural appearance for the specific platy limestone.
  • To identify provenience of stone used in architecture and to analyze the spatial appearance of the specific rock types in nature.
  • To identify remaining natural resources and analyze conditions for sustainable use of this mineral commodity and to prepare grounds for common legislation in the project area. In order to assure adequate management of the limestone a system of best practice protocols in identification, exploration, exploitation and use of building stone will be set up. For adequate promotion, the platy limestone will be used as a symbol of common history that inevitably leads to common future.
  • To educate the stakeholders (spatial planners, conservators, and local government), craftsman and general public in best practice use of building stone in project area and to promote the sustainable use, preservation of cultural heritage and natural heritage through the example of platy limestone.