In the Adriatic, Cretaceous limestone has played a crucial role in human history as the primary building material. One of limestone types in particular, namely the platy limestone, is one of the most recognizable linking elements of the cultural landscape along the Adriatic karstic coast. This natural stone represents important natural and cultural heritage of the region. Unfortunately preservation of this heritage is missing the legislation framework.  This is why Geological Survey of Slovenia within its project RoofOfRock designed guidelines for legislative changes for responsible and sustainable use of platy limestone.

The guidelines are collected in the White paper that was also presented at the international convention of AdriaWealth project in Sežana. Together with guidelines Geological Survey of Slovenia also invites partners to collaborate in the network for the implementation of legislative changes needed to protect the stone heritage in the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region. This network will include the participation of policy-makers from the field of natural resource management and heritage protection along with regional and local authorities, public or publicly governed institutions from the field of nature conservation and cultural heritage conservation, as well as other professionals (individual or groups) dealing with natural stone. The AdriaWealth project is addressing the institutions from Italy (more specifically the Adriatic-Ionian coast), Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Greece. With this network we would share knowledge and best practices, strategies and policies to support the stone heritage protection.

As it was concluded at AdriaWealth convention in Sežana, only with collaboration and engagement of different institutions changes for the protection of natural and cultural heritage are possible.