Within the AdriaWealth project Geological Survey of Slovenia capitalized the results of the RoofOfRock project through the formation of “Network for the Implementation of Legislative Changes Needed to Protect the Stone Heritage in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region”.

Members of the network, who would sign the White Paper on procedures for legislative amendments would join forces in sharing knowledge and best practices between experts and with the broader public, and in sharing strategies and policies in support of the stone heritage protection. The White Paper has been firstly introduced and presented at the convention “Sustainable Tourism: Opportunity for Heritage Protection” in Sežana (Slovenia) and later presented and discussed with key stakeholders at the conventions in Split, Trieste, and Fier and also on separate meetings with stakeholders in Cursi and Bisceglie. So far the feedback is very positive and supportive from all sides as Geological Survey of Slovenia already collected 14 signatures – 5 from Italy, 4 from Slovenia, 4 from Croatia, and 1 from Bosnia and Herzegovina.