Clustering and Capitalization project for the Sustainable Tourism in the Adriatic area


AdriaWealth is a project which capitalizes on the results of previous projects financed by the IPA Adriatic Programme, with the purpose to facilitate the achievement of EUSAIR action plan for the Sustainable Tourism sector. AdriaWealth has been approved by the Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007–2013, on the last Call dedicated to capitalization projects on the basis of EUSAIR, the European Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian Macro-Region, and it refers to Priority n. 2, Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention, Measure 2.4, Sustainable Tourism. (EUSAIR Pillar n. 4: Sustainable Tourism). The allocated budget for the project is € 1.199.866,00.

AdriaWealth intends to effectively contribute to the diversification of the tourist offer in the Adriatic-Ionian area, starting from previous successful experiences of the sector. AdriaWealth transfers know-how and promotes the sharing of best-practices; it involves stakeholders and policymakers in order to influence and shape the policies of the sector; it implements networking and clustering activities adopting cross-innovation and social-innovation methods.

Specifically, International Conventions will be organized on topics connected to Sustainable Tourism, in which project partners have developed skills and know-how. The Conventions will be attended by stakeholders of the manufacturing sector, the creative and cultural industries, tourism operators, and policymakers; they will be accompanied on a path aimed at the identification of innovative products and services, following the logic of cross-innovation and social-innovation. In support of this process of dissemination of results and fertilization of ideas, a Web portal will be realized, acting also as Bank of Results of the projects approved by the IPA Adriatic Programme, accessible to everybody interested in the capitalization of the results already achieved by other projects of that Programme.

AdriaWealth aims to create a series of public-private networks for the implementation of the results in the field of Sustainable Tourism and was born from a specific intention of the Tourism, Economics of Culture and Territorial Valorization Department of Puglia Region and of Teatro Pubblico Pugliese.

The project brings together the leaders of five previous projects financed by the IPA Adriatic Programme (Archeo.S, ArTVision, RoofOfRock, MedPaths and Adriacold) and has drawn up a work plan that includes the construction of five large thematic conventions, during which they will meet policy makers and stakeholders to enter into cooperation agreements and to develop strategic initiatives that affect the development and growth in tourism.

These are the partners involved in the project: Teatro Pubblico Pugliese/ Lead partner (Italy), Puglia Region (Italy), AREA Science Park of Trieste (Italy), RERA SD – Developing agency of the Split County (Croatia), Geological Survey Institute of Slovenia (Slovenia), Municipality of Fier (Albania), HERAG – Developing agency of West Herzegovina County (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Associated partners: Dura – Developing agency of Dubrovnik County (Croatia), National Institute of Cultural Heritage Protection of Slovenia (Slovenia) and University of Prayer (Italy).

The partnership is working to achieve capitalization results in terms of:

  • new projects agreed among the partners also involving other institutions;
  • building of instruments such as the Bank of Results of IPA Adriatic approved projects;
  • workshops for the transferring of knowledge, best practices and skills and the creation of new products for the market;
  • creation of several networks: theatres, museums, film commissions in the Adriatic Ionian Macro-Region.

For more information
Lino Manosperta – Project Coordinator