Airport Security and Air Taxi Network in the Adriatic

Priority and Measure
Measure 3.1 – Physical Infrastructure
Priority 3 – Accessibility and Networks
EUSAIR Pillars
Connecting region
Type of Project
Marina Flamigni
Interviewee role
Head of Department (delegate)
Province of Forli-Cesena
+39 0543 714224
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Budget in euros


Role Name City Country Contact Person Email contact/ website
Lead Partner Province of Forli-Cesena Forlì Italy Marina Flamigni /
Partner 1 Dubrovnik Airport Cilipi Croatia Hrvoje Spremic /
Partner 2 Ravenna Province Ravenna Italy Roberta Romboli /
Partner 3 Rijeka Airport Omisalj Croatia Marko Simic /
Partner 4 Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tirana Tirana Albania Klotilda Binjaku /
Partner 5 LIR evolution Banja Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina Slavisa Jelisic /
Partner 6 University of Bologna, Forli Campus Forlì Italy Fabio Guido Ancarani /
Partner 7 Pula Airport Ltd Pula Croatia Dean Boljuncic /

Project Description


Project description

The aim of the project was to promote the realization of air taxi connections between the regional airports of the Adriatic, through reciprocal territorial marketing of the involved areas and to lay down the basis for creating a permanent network of regional airports of the Adriatic Euroregion to exchange experiences and best practices. This project represented a valuable opportunity for candidates of the EU to work alongside EU members, for a better integration of the Western Balkans into the EU.


What has been done during the project in order to achieve its main goal(s)?

1) Investigation of market potential for air taxi passengers, through the identification of potential customers, air taxi operators and forecast of future market demand.

2) Elaboration of an Action Plan to set up a cross-border air-taxi service.

3) Assessment of the state-of-art of involved airport’s security.

4) Training activities to increase the expertise and skills of personnel working in  the involved airports in the field of airport security and marketing.

5) Implementation of a geo-referential site showing the airports involved in ADRIAIR and the air-taxi services available to all interested stakeholders and potential users of the service.

6) Implementation of pilot actions at the airports of Forli, Ravenna, Rijeka, Pula, Dubrovnik and Banja Luka aimed to highly improve security and accessibility to these facilities.


Which are the project main results/impacts?

Result/Impact 1

Delivery of guidelines for a common cross-border Adriatic implementation of the security strategy set out at international and national level by the competent bodies.

Result/Impact 2

Implementation of pilot projects to improve both accessibility and safety in the airports of Forlì, Ravenna, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Pula and Banja Luka.

Result/Impact 3

Identification of suitable training modules and courses on air transport security and marketing aimed to the airports of the participating areas.

Result/Impact 4

Realization of a preliminary study on the market potential of an air taxi service in the Adriatic region.

Result/Impact 5

Implementation of an Action Plan, expanding the outcomes of the preliminary study in order to target ideal clients and service levels; design of a promotional and organisational plan for the setting up an air-taxi service on-demand.