Adriatic Health and Vitality Network

Priority and Measure
Measure 2.4 – Sustainable Tourism
Priority 2 - Natural and cultural resources and risk prevention
EUSAIR Pillars
Sustainable tourism
Type of Project
Muris Čičić
Interviewee role
Project Manager
School of Economics and Business University of Sarajevo (SEBS)
Project website
Budget in euros


Role Name City Country Contact person Email/website
Lead Partner School of Economics and Business University of Sarajevo (SEBS) Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Muris Čičić -
Partner 1 Oljka, hospitality, tourism, agriculture and trade, Ltd. Piran Slovenia Andreja Frelih
Partner 2 Healthy Entrepreneur Association of occupational health and safety and healthy’ spending of leisure time for Entrepreneurs Koper   Slovenia Irena Bartolič
Partner 3 City of Buzet   Buzet Croatia Siniša Žulić
Partner 4 Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency SERDA Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Sanela Dževlan
Partner 5 Green Home   Podgorica   Montenegro Nataša Kovačević

Project Description


Project description

Health tourism can contribute to the growth of sustainable tourism in the Adriatic region. Overall objective of AHVN was to stimulate sustainable health tourism within and between the partner regions, increasing high-value tourist visits within the market niches of medical, alternative health tourism, spa and active lifestyles tourism. Specific objectives were: to encourage high quality tourism products integrated with local and regional cultural/natural heritage offerings; to enhance inland tourism and expand season; to train and network health tourism service providers.


What has been done during the project in order to achieve its main goal(s)?

Main indicators for the AHVN project: online platform with the whole offer created (; more than 60 active health and tourism service providers integrated in the regional network through five local networks; two joint AHVN regional conferences implemented in Piran and Podgorica (with participation of 61 and 57 stakeholders); joint trademark/brand “Adriatic Healthy Lifestyle” established;  5 specific health tourism service standard criteria identified, developed and applied; promotional materials prepared (5 brochures/leaflets created and printed in total of 6.500 copies); the AHVN Marketing Strategy and Action Plan; direct support to the local networks for capacity building, with 36 initiatives prepared (presenting both tourism packages as well as cooperation opportunities for stakeholders), with 144 network members trained. Specific tourism products (37) were created and innovative tourism offer was created, derived from tourism resource base. Additionally, one movie was created and prepared in 30 DVD copies, as well as additional supporting materials such as bags, certificates, folders etc. (ca 6.000 units).


Which are the project main results/impacts?

Result/Impact 1

Development of sustainable health tourism (Adriatic Healthy Lifestyle) network within the partner regions, which will contribute to the increase of high-value tourist visits within the niches of medical tourism; alternative health tourism, and spa & wellness tourism, with cooperation between public and private sector as well as cooperation between educational institutions; health service providers and tourist destinations established and enhanced.

Result/Impact 2

Exchange of information within the tourism industry in partner regions enabled; connectivity between tourism service providers and academic/training institutions within and between the partner regions established; better coordination between the public and private sector ensured.

Result/Impact 3

Health care tourism brand/trademark of the region Adriatic Healthy Lifestyle established; service standards of the members of the AHVN defined; the website and network support created; marketing strategy and action plan to support the growth of the AHVN developed.

Result/Impact 4

Capacity building/trainings implemented to give health tourism service providers the knowledge, regional support network, and technical know-how to develop and effectively market health tourism products.