Crossborder Air Networking

Priority and Measure
Measure 3.1 – Physical Infrastructure
Priority 3 – Accessibility and Networks
EUSAIR Pillars
Connecting region
Type of Project
Patricija Muršič
Interviewee role
Project manager of lead beneficiary
Municipality of Bovec
+936 5 3841 911, mobile +386 51 361 108
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Role Name City Country Contact Person Email /website
Lead Partner Municipality of Bovec Bovec Slovenia Patricija Muršič
Partner 1 Municipality of Rab Rab Croatia Denis Deželjin
Partner 2 Ministry of Economic Affairs of Herzegbosnian Canton Livno   Bosnia and Herzegovina Vasilija Bročeta
Partner 3 Aeronautical Union of Serbia Beograd Serbia Milica Kljajić
Partner 4 Municipality of Nikšić   Nikšić   Montenegro Biljana Pinjatić
Partner 5 Municipality of Tarcento Tarcento Italy Federico Canciani
Partner 6 Municipality of Prijedor Prijedor   Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragana Radanović

Project Description


Project description

Search and rescue measures dealing with natural disasters are gaining importance in modern society. The establishment of search and rescue in the IPA Adriatic region was the consequence of different social and economic developments in the region. The CAN project aims to increase the compatibility of search and rescue units, particularly in the areas with small airports and air units. The main project objectives were to improve the infrastructure of airports, to enhance cross-border cooperation, to improve safety and security of people, goods and carriers, to modernize the facilities in small airports and to establish better conditions for providing search and rescue measures as well as air safety and security measures.

What has been done during the project in order to achieve its main goal(s)?

In order to develop and improve the activities related to search and rescue and disaster monitoring, investments were made in the construction of facilities and in infrastructural development of six airports and one heliport. The Airport of Lisicji Jarak (Aeronautical Union of Serbia) was upgraded. The infrastructural works at the Airport of Brda (Livno) were performed, and thus Livno gained a modern airfield, which can be used for sports activities and also for search and rescue activities. The Municipality of Tarcento constructed an emergency helicopter landing area with a connected building with an office and two warehouses for the operator’s needs. The control tower and the administration building were built at the Airport of Kapino Polje (Nikšić). At the Airport of Urije (Prijedor), a new hangar was built. At the Airport of Bovec, a new heliport and a warehouse for civil protection with the entire supporting infrastructure were built.
Using communication tools, the awareness of the role and the importance of airports in protection and rescue was raised. Furthermore, search and rescue network was set up during several meetings and events.
The training of participants in air traffic, risk management and coordination between all participants was organized.

Which are the project main results/impacts?


A project website, which lasts one year after the project closure, was implemented. Furthermore, a logo and corporate design for the project were made, and a communication plan was prepared. A newsletter and different promotional materials for events and for the project were prepared. In order to communicate with different stakeholders, articles were published in print and electronic media. The project also appeared in electronic media. Regional or national authorities were reached directly through dissemination output in the area, and more than thousand participants from project events were included in the communication.


Joint training in firefighting and mountain search and rescue in Bovec with the Municipality of Tarcento was prepared, which improved the knowledge and competences in those activities.  A conference on search and rescue as well as a civil day protection day were organized together with roundtables, which helped to raise awareness among project stakeholders on issues regarding safety and rescue activities.

Results/Impact 3: AIR NETWORKING

The IPA Adriatic Air conference about small airport development, air safety and air space was organized by the Aeronautical Union of Serbia. One search and rescue training meeting was also organized. There, representatives of air traffic control, air sports representatives and civil aviation agencies discussed air space management for better air safety. Different smaller local events related to air sports and airmen trainings took place during the project, and, in this way, better air safety and improved air sport cooperation was achieved.


The investment in airport/heliport infrastructure improved the conditions for the operation of small airports. The integration of small airports into the search and rescue development has helped improve these two areas not only at the level of individual countries, but also in the international community. The compatibility of search and rescue systems, particularly in the areas with small airports, was improved.