Protection, Improvement and Integrated Management of The Sea Environment and Cross-Border Natural Resources

Priority and Measure
Measure 2.1 – Protection and Enhancement of the Marine and Coastal Environment
Priority 2 - Natural and cultural resources and risk prevention
EUSAIR Pillars
Environmental quality, blue growth
Type of Project
Alberto Caccin
Interviewee role
Junior Expert
Regione Veneto
+39 041 279 56 34
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Role Name City Country Contact Person Email / website
Lead Partner Regione Veneto Venezia   Italy Luca Tenderini /
Partner 1 Regione Emilia Romagna Bologna   Italy Raffaele Spiga /
Partner 2 Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia Trieste   Italy Alberto Fonzo /
Partner 3 Regione Marche Ancona   Italy Cristina Frittelloni /
Partner 4 Regione Abruzzo L’Aquila   Italy  -
Partner 5 Regione Puglia Bari   Italy Maria A. Cioffi /
Partner 6 Primorsko-Goranska Zupanija Rijeka   Croatia Tomislav Kandzija /
Partner 7 Zadarska Zupanija Zadar   Croatia Katerina Skelin /
Partner 8 Ministria E Mjedisit Tirana   Albania Elvana Ramaj /

Project Description


Project description

The ECOSEA project aim was to provide long-lasting responses to the problems arising from the strictly-national application of EU fishery policies and from the sharing of natural resources with non-EU states. This was achieved by promoting the improvement of the sea and coastal ecosystems by proposing models for a coordinated fishery management pairing with direct actions for improving fisheries sustainability and strengthening the marine biodiversity.

What has been done during the project in order to achieve its main goal8s)?

Creation of the Adriatic Advisory Board (AAB), comprising PAs, research institutes and representatives of fishery and aquaculture operators in order to provide guidance to the decision-making processes.

Implementation of an ICT tool (Fish.GIS), intended as a support to both AAB and Policy-makers.

Gathering and sharing of data, performing of analyses and definition of models to promote sustainable fishing and aquaculture in the Adriatic Sea.

Pilot actions to strengthen nursery areas, create new ones and to test and promote new systems of low environmental impact aquaculture.

Which are the project main results/impacts? 

Result/Impact 1

Constitution of the “Adriatic Advisory Board” (AAB), to provide scientific/technical advice about fisheries management at the whole basin level.

Result/Impact 2

Implementation of the FishGIS web-based geographical database, to support the work of the AAB and the activity of fishing organisations and operators.

Result/Impact 3

Active involvement of the fishery operators, and inclusion of their observations in the project implementation process, thus concretising a bottom-up approach.

Result/Impact 4

Implementation of several pilot actions aimed at introducing best practices and new technologies to reduce the environmental impact of fishing and aquaculture activities, and to improve/restore the stocks of key commercial species