Adriatic Holistic Forest Fire Protection

Priority and Measure
Measure 2.2 - Natural and cultural resource management and prevention of natural and technological risks
Priority 2 - Natural and cultural resources and risk prevention
EUSAIR Pillars
Environmental quality
Type of Project
Anđelka Vuković
Interviewee role
Project Coordinator
Split Dalmatia County
+385 21 400 003
Project website
Budget in euros


Role Name City Country Contact Person Email contact/ website
Lead Partner Split-Dalmatia County Split Croatia Anđelka Vuković andelka.vuković
Partner 1 Croatian Forest Research Institute CFRI Zagreb Croatia Dijana Vuletić
Partner 2 Croatian Firefighting Association Association (CFA) Zagreb Croatia Željko Popović
Partner 3 Šibenik-Knin County Šibenik Croatia Sanja Slavica Matešić
Partner 4 Zadar County Zadar Croatia Davor Lonić
Partner 5 Dubrovnik Neretva County Dubrovnik   Croatia Mato Tomljanović
Partner 6 Region of Istria Pula Croatia Anica Dobran Černjul
Partner 7 Marche Region - Security and Civil Protection integrated policies Department (SCPD) Ancona Italy Luca Abeti
Partner 8 Veneto Region Civil Protection Bureau Venetia Italy Alice Lemessi              Roberto Tonellato
Partner 9 Consortium Europe Point Teramo, COPE Teramo Italy Emiliano Galluccio
Partner 10 Molise Region – Department  of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Genova Italy Nicola Pavone
Partner 11 Management Body for Parks and Biodiversity – PO Delta (ER) Comacchio (FE) Italia Maria Pia Pagliarusco
Partner 12 Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region - Civil Protection, FVG Palmanova (UD) Italy Aldo Primiero
Partner 13 Municipality of Ajdovščina, OA Ajdovščina Slovenia Janez Furlan
Partner 14 Decentralized Administration of Peloponisos, Western Greece and Ionion Patras – Athens Greece Dimitris Katsaros
Partner 15 Faculty of Forest Sciences, Agricultural University of Tirana, UBT Tirana Albania Vatah Tabaku
Partner 16 Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, MUP RS Belgrade Serbia Dijana Šabović
Partner 17 Government of the  West-Herzegovina Canton Široki Brijeg Bosnia and Herzegovina Zdenko Ćosić
Partner 18 Civil protection and firefighting administration of Herzegovina Neretva Canton Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina Eugen Ćubela

Project Description


Project description

Prevention and mitigation of environmental risks, with special focus on preventing wildfire and protecting people, environment and properties in the Adriatic region, were the focal points of the project Holistic. It supported sustainable joint management of natural resources through prevention of forest fires, and sustainable use of biomass through protection of valuable natural resources, while in the same time developing cross-border cooperation.


What has been done during the Project in order to achieve its main goal(s)?

Activities within the project Holistic were directed at improvement, promotion and strengthening of institutional capabilities in implementing policies, procedures and coordination mechanisms for reducing causes of natural disasters and improving prevention and mitigation actions.

Main activities included analysis and creation of a database of the territory, implementing monitoring and alarm system for early detection of wildfires, establishing and equipping a County Operational Center for Control and Intervention and the Center for Fire Research, setup of a fire expansion simulation system and a crisis management plan with standardized intervention procedures.

The project also established a permanent instrument for assessment, prevention and monitoring of earthquake damage risks on strategic public buildings.

A  parallel set of activities was focused on development of an indirect awareness raising campaign about wildfire prevention, aimed at various target groups and users of natural heritage.


Which are the project main results/impact? 

Result/Impact 1

One of the key results was harmonization and standardization of pre-fire activities concerning wildland/urban interfaces, vulnerable natural and man-made infrastructures based on forest management and fire protected activities. In addition, fire activities related to firefighting intervention were harmonized and standardized.

Result/Impact 2

Modern Information-Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions were implemented in pre-fire, fire and post-fire activities through installed pilot forest fire monitoring stations in each region. Regional system for micro location forest fire risk indices calculation was produced as a Web GIS service, and was made accessible to all project participants in the region.

Result/Impact 3

Legislation, codes of conduct and methods to limit seismic vulnerability of strategic public buildings were improved

Result/Impact 4

Higher level of awareness about wildfire risks and prevention among land owners, farmers, shepherds, hunters, tourists and inhabitants, school children and students, Civil Protection volunteers and generic public. The total of 13.200 people was reached directly through dissemination outputs.