The Snapshot of Mediterranean Hinterland Richness

Priority and Measure
Measure 2.2 - Natural and cultural resource management and prevention of natural and technological risks
Priority 2 - Natural and cultural resources and risk prevention
EUSAIR Pillars
Sustainable tourism
Type of Project
Marjan Dumanić
Interviewee role
Project Coordinator
Public Institution RERA S.D. for coordination and development of Split Dalmatia County
+385 99 3599 991
Project website
Budget in euros


Role Name City Country Contact person Email / website
Lead Partner Public Institution RERA S.D. for coordination and development of Split Dalmatia County Split Croatia Marjan Dumanić /
Partner 1 Union of the municipalities Basso Biferno Larino (CB) Italy Arcangela Spina Giovanna Lepore  
Partner 2 Union of the municipalities Sinello Guilmi (CH)   Italy   Emilio Racciatti  
Partner 3 Split Dalmatia County   Split Croatia Ivo Mužinić /
Partner 4 Town of Omiš   Omiš Croatia   Đeki Stanić Katarina Pupačić /
Partner 5 Town of Sinj   Sinj Croatia Ivana Pavić /
Partner 6 Town of Vrlika   Vrlika, Croatia Branko Maras Nikola Uzun /
Partner 7 Municipality of Šestanovac   Šestanovac Croatia Ante Merčep /
Partner 8 Municipality of Trilj   Trilj Croatia Marko Župa /
Partner 9 Municipality of Zadvarje   Zadvarje Croatia Ivan Krnić / /
Partner 10 Municipality of Dugi Rat Dugi Rat Croatia Pavao Tomić /

Project Description


Project description

MedPaths project was designed to create the strategy of protection and revitalization of the hinterland areas. Having in mind that the hinterland hides many natural and cultural heritage sites, this project aims to unify the methodology of preservation and management, as well as make these sites more recognizable and attractive. It also successfully connects experiences from Croatia and Italy regarding the existence of sustainable models in natural and cultural heritage management.


What has been done during the project in order to achieve its main goal(s)?

During the project lifespan, activities in Croatia and Italy have included infrastructure works, collecting and digitalizing data about the existing tourist offer, setting up information resources and education of key stakeholders.

As much as 755 km of thematic routes were restored, equipped with signalization and resting points, while local natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage of the area was presented in catalogues intended for tourists and local population. Part of the eastern wing of Klis, one of the most significant fortifications in Croatia, was renovated and an interpretative center was set up.

Local producers and entrepreneurs were networked, and the data about the tourist offer of the area, as well as natural and cultural heritage was collected and digitalized. This enabled featuring hinterland on info-portals and organizing six project info points. Education through seminars and workshops was organized for entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the tourist sector.


Which are the project main results/impacts?

Result/Impact 1

New thematic routes which promote active tourism and present natural and cultural heritage of the area provide additional and attractive content to tourists familiar with Croatia and attract new segment of tourists who desire more than traditional offer at the seaside. Having in mind the growing inclination towards discovering lesser-known areas, development of attractive offer in the hinterland is in line with new trends in tourism industry.

Result/Impact 2

Networking between Croatian and Italian partners resulted in new projects – HERA project which created a cross-border platform for promoting sustainable tourism, and AdriaWealth Capitalization project aimed at facilitating development of new ideas for sustainable products and services, which would contribute to development of sustainable tourism.

Result/Impact 3

Level of awareness about tourist potential and importance of development of sustainable tourism was raised among the local population and key decision makers. Cooperation between Croatian and Italian partners also gave new impetus to territory branding and development of new tourist products while preserving cultural sites and areas.

Result/Impact 4

Project areas were internationally positioned as attractive locations for sports and outdoor events through presentations at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show, UK’s largest outdoor show, and 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zurich.