Zero Waste
Zero Waste Adriatic net for events and festivals

Priority and Measure
Measure 3.3 – Communication Networks
Priority 3 – Accessibility and Networks
EUSAIR Pillars
Sustainable tourism
Type of Project
Marko Perić
Interviewee role
Zero Waste Project Coordinator
Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management
+385 51 294 191
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Budget in euros


Role Name City Country Contact Person Email /
Lead Partner Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management Opatija   Croatia Marko Perić /
Partner 1 City of Opatija   Opatija   Croatia Ana Brumnjak Iličić
Partner 2 ERVET – Emilia Romagna Economic Development Agency L.t.d. Bologna   Italy Eleonora Liuzzo
Partner 3 Province of Rimini Rimini   Italy Emilio Urbinati
Partner 4 Spazio Eventi L.t.d. Bari   Italy Cristina Marsico
Partner 5 Municipality of Tivat Tivat   Montenegro Dubravka Koparan
Partner 6 Faculty of tourism studies - Turistica Portorož   Slovenia Daša Fabjan
Partner 7 Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Department of tourism and hospitality Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Amra Tabucic
Partner 8 Regional council of Durres Durres Albania Blerina Hasani

Project Description


Project description

Main goal of the Zero Waste project was to indicate zero amount of produced waste on festivals and other types of events in the Adriatic region by creating a web-based network of events and festivals with a low impact on the environment. The project promoted the use of green solutions in order to strengthen sustainable development capacity through events and festivals with low impact on the environment and Zero Waste Strategy.


What has been done during the project in order to achieve its main goal(s)?

During the project lifespan, partners analyzed 45 different events in partners’ countries as well as best practices in organization of events and festivals. Based on the analysis, a common methodology was developed and the document titled “Zero Waste Guidelines” was published as a framework for organization of Zero Waste events. Based on this, as much as 21 pilot projects which followed Zero Waste principles were organized.

Project partners created a joint ICT infrastructure – web application for monitoring the impacts of events and festivals and networking with other organizers.

Zero Waste project also raised awareness about existent problems in sustainable environment of the events and festivals and signalized ways for their minimization. The aim was to develop a new socio-cultural approach that, through the use of ICT, may facilitate creation of new jobs and new skills in the recycling chain and therefore impact other areas of sustainable tourism and environmental protection.


Which are the project main results/impact?

Results/Impact 1

Developing the “Zero Waste Guidelines document” – a common standard that supports organization and management of events and festivals towards the zero waste goal. The Guidelines is an official publication available at:

Results/Impact 2

The key result of the Zero Waste project was establishing the Zero Waste web-based platform. This online platform supports planning and monitoring of the events and festivals to achieve the zero waste goal. After filling specific data in the web-based platform, it measures and tracks environmental, social, cultural and economic impact of an event. Due to different legal systems in each country, implementation of this common standard still is not obligatory.

Results/Impact 3

The major result was encouraging and promoting good relations between the neighboring countries and stakeholders of events and festivals to re-think the importance of sustainable organization of events.

Results/Impact 4

Due to different dissemination activities, public awareness about possible negative impacts of the events and festivals and the ways how these could be minimized was significantly raised.

Results/Impact 5

Implemented pilot projects (events) across the Adriatic region were the first ‘’members’’ in the database of the Zero Waste Adriatic network of events and festivals. The database should be expanded in the future with new events.