PUGLIA REGION – Department for tourism, economy of culture and promotion of the territory (Bari – Italy)

Who we are

PUGLIA REGION – Department for tourism, economy of culture and promotion of the territory provides for the exploitation of the regional artistic, historical and architectural heritage; it promotes cultural activities and performing arts and implements policies of territorial marketing. The Department is structured in three sections:  1) Section Economy of Culture; 2) Section Territorial Promotion; 3) Section Tourism,  implementing the following functions: programming, managing and monitoring regional policies for territorial cooperation, tourism and cultural improvement; supporting dialogue and partnerships with the Mediterranean and Adriatic/Ionian Countries on joint development priorities; activating governance functions within the Territorial Cooperation Programmes where the Region is eligible (Joint Monitoring Committees, National Committees, National Info Points); planning and managing funding Programmes and projects for the protection and improvement of artistic, historical and architectural regional heritage; promoting policies for the exploitation of  tourism and of territory attractiveness; promoting and managing policies and practices for the exploitation of the artistic regional potential.


The Department for tourism, economy of culture and promotion of the territory of PUGLIA REGION is focused on the development of the Apulian tourism sector in order to increase its attractiveness and competitiveness in the international context and aims to transform the huge Apulian cultural tangible and intangible heritage from a mere cost centre into one of the main sources of economic value for the Region.

How will the partner contribute to the success of AdriaWealth?

PUGLIA REGION – Department for tourism, economy of culture and promotion of the territory -with technical support from Apulia Film Commission Foundation and Pino Pascali Foundation –   will perform the following activities, aimed at capitalizing the results of the arTVision project:

  • promotion of the arTVision audiovisual productions (videos produced by the five Adriatic TV Crews and short movies made by professional filmmakers);
  • distribution of the catalogue presenting the works and artists participating in the travelling exhibition “Coexistence: for a new Adriatic koiné”;
  • involvement, in the AdriaWealth initiatives, of some of the artists participating in the Coexistence exhibition;
  • production of a promotional video of the IPA projects involved in the AdriaWealth capitalization project;
  • organization of workshops dedicated to the audiovisual and artistic sector and creation of a network of the Film Commissions and of the Museums of the Adriatic area, through the sharing and the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding and the definition of future project hypotheses valid on the new cycle of the territorial cooperation programmes;
  • organization (jointly with Teatro Pubblico Pugliese) of the Puglia AdriaWealth Convention, bringing together the highest personalities in the field of international cooperation.

As Puglia Region is responsible for the national coordination of Pillar 4 “Sustainable Tourism” of the EUSAIR Strategy, AdriaWealth events  will also be an occasion to inform stakeholders of the opportunities arising from the ETC Programmes 2014/2020, especially for projects focused on smart sustainable tourism development.


Piacentino Ciccarese

Project administrative manager

tel. +39 0805406558

Massimo Avantaggiato

Project manager

tel. +39 3473347379

Ileana Inglese

Communication manager

tel. +39 3386488905

Puglia Region - Department for tourism, economy of culture and promotion of the territory

Via Gobetti, 26 – 70125 Bari (Italy)

The arTVision project

PUGLIA REGION – Department for tourism, economy of culture and promotion of the territory has been the Lead Partner of “ArTVision. A live art channel”, a pilot project involving Albania, Montenegro, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (Croatia) and Italy (Puglia and Veneto) that promoted innovation in interactive, cultural and inter-institutional communication among Adriatic countries. ArTVision aimed to enhance local talents globally, to promote artists and their work, and to produce and spread innovative audio-visual formats in the Adriatic area. The heart of the project was the creation of a thematic transmedia channel, offering original, high quality contents on the full range of contemporary arts. Cross-media communications, audiovisual productions, documentaries, exhibitions, networks of knowledge and expertise, mobility of artists, field training, publications, policy papers on the subject of cultural policies, this was the focus of the project, that involved public and private bodies, ministries of culture, museums, academies and universities around the Adriatic.


Main results of the project were

  • establishing a network of arTVision Adriatic TV Crews (5 TV Crews: Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Puglia, Veneto), coordinated by TV Crew Puglia;
  • activating the arTVision transmedia channel operating through the project website, social networks, the media involved, conventional and unconventional exhibition spaces;
  • the production of 175 original audio-visual products (interviews, reports, instant news, video art, etc.) by the five TV crews operating in the partner territories;
  • the production of 15 short movies (documentaries-stories on the work of contemporary artists) by professional filmmakers from each partner area;
  • implementation of a research on Adriatic cultural organizations (interviews with 250 cultural workers, highlighting 25 examples of best practice), culminating in the Future Search Conference in Venice;
  • the joint drafting of guidelines on the development of cultural policies in the Adriatic area;
  • implementation of 6 Light Residencies, artistic residencies in partner countries, which enabled the mobility of 30 young artists and academy students and involved 5 internationally renowned artists;
  • implementation of the 5 stages of the travelling exhibition “Coexistence: for a new Adriatic koiné”, which presented the works of 25 emerging artists in the five partner territories;
  • digitalization of part of the audio-visual archive of the Montenegro national broadcasting service;
  • press conferences, public events, participation in fairs and festivals, aimed at disseminating the project results and engaging in constructive dialogue with cultural operators and local stakeholders;
  • preparation of a Cross Border Sustainability Plan, and signing of two Memoranda of Understanding with the Italian Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism – DG Cinema and DG Contemporary Arts, for the definition of policies to promote the future sustainability of the project.

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