Public Institution RERA S.D. for coordination and development of Split Dalmatia County

Who we are

Public Institution RERA S.D. for coordination and development of Split Dalmatia County is a multidisciplinary institution founded by Split-Dalmatia County for efficient coordination and implementation of projects in the field of regional development.

It serves as a link between public, private and civil sector in building up strategic partnerships in application and implementation of projects that contribute to increasing the quality of life on the territory of Split-Dalmatia County.

With three departments – for regional development, project preparation and project implementation, and for rural development – RERA enables technical and advising support, technical assistance, networking opportunities, building up institutional capacities and creates opportunities for foreign direct investments.


RERA SD is the key institution for facilitating development of the Split-Dalmatia County, with emphasis on European integration and attraction of foreign investments. RERA actively works on promotion of regional development through available EU funds as well as other international funds, according to the priorities set out in the Regional operational plan, and attracting foreign investors to Split-Dalmatia County.

How will the partner contribute to the success of AdriaWealth?

Tourism has a significant role in the economies of the Adriatic region, which is why its development should be planned in accordance with modern trends, placing special accent on segments which can ensure long-term sustainability and positively impact on the prolongation of tourist season.

Revitalizing cultural and natural heritage sites in the hinterlands is a major step in developing new tourist products, at the same time raising the awareness of the local population and other key stakeholders about new opportunities. As Dalmatian hinterlands and Italian regions Basso Biferno and Sinello are regions of exciting history and beautiful nature, they have great potential to provide attractive content to tourists who want to discover lesser known areas.

Public institution RERA SD can strongly contribute to AdriaWealth project in sharing knowledge about destination branding and developing new sustainable tourist products and services, promoting the new offer using ICT, facilitating interregional and cross-border cooperation between sectors and providing technical support in development and implementation of projects related to sustainable tourism.


Marjan Dumanić

Advisor – project manager
tel. +385 21 599 987

Tereza Begović Gudelj

Senior advisor
tel. +385 21 400 061

Public Institution RERA SD

Domovinskog rata 2
21000 Split – Croatia

The Medpaths project

Public Institution RERA SD has been the leading partner of “MedPaths – The Snapshot of Mediterranean Hinterlands Richness”. The project was aimed at offering the strategy of protection and revitalization of the hinterland areas, including cultural and natural resources, and connecting experiences from Croatia and Italy related to establishing sustainable models in natural and cultural heritage management.

Having in mind that the hinterland hides many natural and cultural heritage sites, this project unified the methodology of preservation and management, making the selected sites more recognizable and attractive. This is in line with new trends in tourism industry, which show growing preference of tourists towards discovering lesser-known areas and gaining new experiences.

Introducing options of organizing and active vacation and presenting natural and cultural heritage of the hinterlands brings added value to tourists familiar with Croatia and attracts new segments of guests who desire more than traditional offer at the seaside. Project Medpaths included refurbishment of as much as 755 km of thematic routes, including signalization and resting points, while local natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage of the area was presented in catalogues intended for tourists and local population.

In order to bring history closer to visitors, part of the eastern wing of Klis, one of the most significant fortifications in Croatia, was renovated and an interpretative center was set up. Another interpretative center was set up in one of the historical fortresses in the area of Italian regions Basso Biferno and Sinello.

Level of awareness about natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage of the area along the Cetina River in Croatia and in Italian regions Basso Biferno and Sinello was raised among institutions dealing with tourism and protection of heritage, local population, tourists and other key stakeholders.

One of the most important achievements of project MedPaths was unification of tourist offer through educating and networking of local entrepreneurs and ensuring greater availability of information about the tourist offer using IT technologies.

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Mojor products of the project


  • The Snapshot of Mediterranean Hinterlands Richness: website describing details of Medpaths project. In addition to information about the project and partners, the website features various promotional materials, such as videos, brochures and catalogues, and maps of thematic routes in Dalmatian hinterland.