Teatro Pubblico Pugliese

Who we are

Since its foundation in 1979, the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (TPP) has developed an intense work, expressing the territory and its peculiarities, with the aim of disseminating widely the culture of theatre, dance, children’s theatre and music on the vast and diverse territory of Puglia. TPP is  an Institution for the Promotion and Education of the public, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and by Puglia Region, but it has also confirmed over the years to be a polyhedral structure, which can renew itself with each new challenge and objective, being part of a national theatrical system that is constantly in evolution. Fifty public bodies (municipalities, provinces and Puglia Region) have joined the TPP.


With about 80 seasons, 800 performances, more than 175.000 spectators every year, TPP is one of the main Italian Multidisciplinary Networks.  Significant is the offer of live performances, the result of unremitting efforts in order to create relationships between actors, audience and territory, despite these difficult times and frequent and current lack of resources. The seasons of drama and children’s theatre, the dance festivals and music events, projects for the promotion of public and large events are the main activities that activate places and professionalism, creating the network of the TPP.

The strategic role that Teatro Pubblico Pugliese covers, comes from the great synergy with the Puglia regional administration and the municipal and provincial administrations, and over the years this has allowed a continuous  growth of artistic proposals and projects.

How will the partner contribute to the success of AdriaWealth?

Within the AdriaWealth project the TPP, as Lead Beneficiary, carries out the  following tasks:  management of the relationships between partners to pursue the project objectives and  implement activities; arrangement of the documents needed for the project proposal;  general management and coordination of the project; transfer of  financial contributions to project partners; financial management of the project budget; control of expenditures presented by participating partners; monitoring and reporting of project results; implementation, coordination and supervision of communication activities; implementation of the IPA projects Bank of Results; contribution to the implementation of the conventions and the development of cooperation and clustering activities among stakeholders.

TPP  has a long history of networking and cooperation  activities, hence, for the success of the project, TPP provided the partnership with its capacity to develop positive relations among different bodies as well as its expertise in increasing the attractiveness of the territories by means of cultural activities, in view of a diversification of the touristic offers for sustainable tourism.  A long track of successful work of sharing and influencing public policies and of the promotion of cultural activities has ensured the involvement of policy makers and relevant stakeholders in the dissemination of results and fertilization of new ideas, products and services, promoting diversified sustainable tourism.


Lino Manosperta

Project Coordinator

tel. +39 080 5580195

Sante Levante

Financial Coordinator

tel. +39 080 5580195

Anna Stasi

Project Assistant

tel. +39 080 5580195

Marilena Laera

Financial Assistant

tel. +39 080 5580195

Sandro Furio

Project Assistant

tel. +39 080 5580195

Teatro Pubblico Pugliese Consortium

Via Imbriani, 67 – 70121 Bari (Italy)
Via Cardassi, 26 – 700121 Bari (Italy)

The “Archeo.S” project

Teatro Pubblico Pugliese has been the Lead partner of the project “Archeo.S. – System of the Archaeological Sites of the Adriatic Sea”, funded under the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. The Project was the result of a synergy created by six partners located on the Adriatic basin. Archeo.S. aimed at overcoming cultural heritage promotion problems, and at  improving cultural policies, as well as territory management and development.

The project was intended to make theatrical culture a tool for territorial development. Through the organization of shows, cultural events, workshops inside archaeological and cultural heritage sites, and through the exchange of knowledge created by the partners network, the project became a tool to enhance local economy, turning this latter into a cultural asset.

The mission of the project, with regard to the enhancement  of  cultural sites, was to create a link between the institution in charge of the site and public service providers by putting in place actions aimed  at the preservation and arrangement of the sites and at their better use, while respecting their history and favoring a sustainable development.

The project specific objectives were: a) testing an innovative method to enhance cultural heritage sites as attractive tourist destinations in order to strengthen sustainable development; b) organization of a cooperative “system” across the involved cultural heritage sites to put in place and implement a long-term strategy by subscribing to a Memorandum of Understanding; c) increasing the number and the quality of long-lasting opportunities of cooperation in the field of live arts in the Adriatic area.

Results of the project:

  • creation of a Network of Cultural Heritage Sites;
  • working out of a Governance Plan for Cultural Heritage Sites;
  • organization of art workshops, vocational training courses, master classes;
  • realization of  theatre productions;
  • realization of  artistic seasons;
  • International Festival.


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Major product of the project


  • Video Documentary
  • Cultural Heritage Governance Plan