Tourist links



  • Croatia Tourism website: Website of Croatian National Tourist Board gives comprehensive information about tourist offer in all parts of Croatia. Besides enabling tourists to explore Croatia and giving an overview of events, the site gives trip ideas, useful links and information for tourists planning a trip to Croatia. It also offers download of a free application for an easy and practical way of planning a visit to Croatia.
  • Turistička zajednica Splitsko-dalmatinske županije: Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board website provides comprehensive information about the tourist offer in Central Dalmatia. Besides providing information about travel and accommodation, the website provides information related to cultural tourism, theme trails, UNESCO sites and other interesting information for tourists seeking to learn more about natural and cultural heritage of Central Dalmatia.
  • Dobro došli u Omiš: Web page of Omiš Tourist Board communicates Omiš and its surrounding area as an ideal place for cultural tourism, active holiday, excursions and the place of specific gastronomy, which combines the best of the Mediterranean and the hinterlands. It also provides information about travel and accommodation and a number of useful information for tourists coming to Omiš.
  • Visit Vrlika: Town of Vrlika Tourist Board website gives insight into special features of Vrlika and its surroundings, putting a special emphasis on cultural heritage and opportunities for spending an active vacation. It puts great accent on ethnographic heritage, especially folk costumes, characteristic dancing and singing techniques.
  • Sinj Tourist Board:  Town of Sinj Tourist Board webpage emphasizes cultural heritage, especially chivalric Alka tournament, which marked its 300th anniversary in 2015. Besides its rich history and a number of events throughout the year, Sinj is also a great starting point for spending an active vacation.
  • Dugi Rat Tourist Board: Dugi Rat Riviera Tourist Board web page provides information about ethnology, tradition and heritage of the destination, as well as the natural uniqueness of the area. It also provides information about travel, accommodation, events and opportunities for spending an exciting holiday.

Friuli Venezia Giulia - ITALIA

  • Promoturismo FVG: Promotur website dealing with the promotion of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.
  • Giro FVG: Free online press for tourist information.
  • Turismo FVG: The web portal on tourism in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region: a critical channel through which PromoTurismoFVG pursues its strategy to offer utmost interactivity and knowledge. And help choose a customized vacation.
  • PromoTrieste: Promotrieste’s members promote and disseminate the profile of Trieste as a national and International congress city. This is done by coordinating congress and tourism events throughout the year with a view to becoming the reference point for all gatherings in Trieste and in the region, but also by promoting the territory and fostering the development of tourism.
  • fvg.INFO: How to, events, guides, weather forecasts and lot more to program your holidays in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.
  • Associazione Guide Turistiche del Friuli Venezia Giulia: Friuli Venezia Giulia tour guides association’s website. All members are qualified tourist guides and tour leaders living in different areas of the Region. Therefore they are prepared to lead you, with knowledgeable experience,  throughout our artistic and cultural heritage which is still mainly unknown to mass tourism.
  • Gal Carso: The Local Action Group of Karst is a development agency of the Karst, focused on supporting farming and tourism. Our agency supports the area of Karst in Italy (while there is another agency based in Sežana for the other ‘piece’ of Karst, in Slovenia). The municipalities of the Karst, the provinces of Triest and Gorizia, the associations of farmers as well as ZKB bank are all members of GAL. GAL is one of the 2,000 agencies supported by European policies for Rural Development.
  • ItaliaGuida: Website (in Italian only) promoting various forms of tourism in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.


  • Regional Development Agency of Green Karst: The Regional Development Agency Green Karst is a non-profit organization aimed at developing, enhancing and sustaining regional development. One of its main activities is tourism. The Green Karst brand aims to develop quality tourism that considers the natural and cultural potential of the area.
  • Green karst: The Green Karst webpage provides all information about green tourism in the Karst region and its sustainable tourist offer.
  • Slovenia – Official Travel Guide: The official website of the Slovenian tourist board providing tourist information, including information on SLOVENIA GREEN, a program for sustainable tourism.
  • Visit Kras: Visit Karst is an initiative by the Tourist Information Centre Sežana, which provides tourist information as well as information on the natural and cultural heritage of the Karst region.
  • Autentica: AUTENTICA is a Slovenian tourism development agency organizing specialized trips to the Littoral (Primorska) and Istria (including Karst). Working with local guides and considering the natural and cultural heritage, they are a great example of sustainable tourism.
  • KRAS – Vsebina: The KRAS project encourages careful management of Karst’s natural and cultural heritage.