Which are the European initiatives and policies towards a sustainable tourism? What are the key issues and trends in the European planning and organization of tourism? How to develop new business model in the tourism sector?
These are some of the topics that have been discussed in the Conference on sustainable tourism organized by AREA Science Park in the framework of AdriaWealth.

The event has been an opportunity to present the technological expertise developed by AREA in the sustainable energy sector, as well as presenting the energy saving opportunities related to tourism in our territory.

Finally, it has been possible to discuss and share programs and projects that facilitate the implementation of the EUSAIR strategies with some important policy makers.


Watch the videos of the convention, in Italian only, on the project youtube channel 
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19 OCTOBER 2016
Mr. Marcello Guaiana, project coordinator for AREA Science Park

Presentation of ADRIAWEALTH project and of previous Consortium’s IPA Adriatic projects
Mr. Lino Manosperta, Project Manager AdriaWealth, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (TPP)

Moving towards a more sustainable tourism. An overview on European initiatives and policies (download ppt)
Mrs. Mara Manente, University Ca’ Foscari Professor & European Commission Expert
Mrs. Erica Mingotto, CISET – International Center for Studies on Tourism Economics

ROUNDTABLE | A comparative approach to European tourism planning and organization systems: key issues and trends in the ADRIAWEALTH regions
Moderator: Mr. Andrea Ballarin, International Project Capitalization Expert
Mr. Alessandro Delli Noci, Municipal Councillor for Technology Innovation, City of Lecce (download ppt)
Mr. Aldo Patruno, Director for Culture and Tourism, Apulia Region
Mrs. Ivana Rogulj, DOOR – Design Society for Sustainable Development Expert
Mrs. Janja Benedik, Natural History Society of Slovenia and Tour guide

WORKSHOP | Eco Friendly energy technologies for tourism related buildings: plant applications, financing and policies for Solar Cooling systems, Bioenergy, Geothermal Energy, Wind Energy
Moderator: Mr. Roberto Jodice, RES Expert Evaluator for the European Commission (download ppt)
Mr. Boris Cosic, University of Zagreb, Partner of the IPA ADRIACOLD project
Mr. Joerg Prestor, GeoZS Expert for the IPA LEGEND project (download ppt)
Mrs. Chiara Campanile, Project Manager, ALTERENERGY (download ppt)

20 OCTOBER 2016
Mr. Marcello Guaiana, Strategic Project Manager, AREA Science Park

How to develop new business model in the tourism sector: models and experiences
Mr. Fabrizio Rovatti, Director, Innovation Factory
Business Testimonials: Ms. Nicoletta Pastore, Bluewago (download ppt)
Mrs. Barbara Razzini, TodayInTown (download ppt)
Mr. Maurizio Perez, GMAker (download ppt)

ROUNDTABLE | Start up empowerment in the EUSAIR area: key issues and best examples
Moderator: Mr. Fabrizio Rovatti, Director, Innovation Factory
Mr. Vincenzo Bellini, President, Puglia Creativa District
Mr. Andrea Lovelock, Editorial Director, L’Agenzia di Viaggi (download ppt)
Mr. Mitja Ruzzier, Professor, Chair of Enterepreneurship Dept., Faculty of Management, University of Primorska, Slovenia (download ppt)

WORKSHOP | When science and tourism meet together: Tourism Social Marketing
Moderator: Mr. Massimiliano Rudella, Business Development Unit Officer, AREA Science Park
Mr. Enrico Milic, Coordinator, GAL Carso (download ppt)
Mr. Davide Samsa, Owner, Bio-agriturism Parco Rurale “Alture di Polazzo” (download ppt)
Mr. Luigi Nacci, Author of “Viandanza, ed. Laterza, Natural Guide associated to the “Compagnia dei Cammini”